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18. TV/Movie/Music fanatic. Love people and love life. If you watch any of the 50,000 shows I do or if you just wanna talk, don't be shy.
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CURRENT SHOWS: Pretty Little Liars. Grey's Anatomy. The Vampire Diaries. Revenge. Castle. Bones. Hart of Dixie. New Girl. Happy Endings. The Office. Parks and Rec. How I Met Your Mother. Psych.

PAST FAVORITES: One Tree Hill. Chuck. The O.C. Dawson's Creek. Harper's Island. Pushing Daisies. Lie to Me. Charmed. Arrested Development. Gossip Girl.

Currently getting into:
Buffy (S5), Supernatural (S2), Brothers & Sisters (S1)

favorite ships of all time; 10. chuck and blair (gossip girl)

“Three words… Eight letters… Say it, and I’m yours.”

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“You could always just let it go. I mean, you’re not gay, right?”

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